Sunday, 25 October 2009

I've Arrived: What Now?

I arrived home (yes, it is home - I can have more than one home can't I?) yesterday morning.  (Gosh.  Where has that 23 hours gone).  Coffee and catch-up up at The House was first.  Then I tackled The Cupboard and re-inhabited The Cottage with it's contents. That took a few hours and, of course, is not yet finished.  But at least everything is roughly where it should be and I have found everything I need.  Well almost everything.  What I did with the electric toothbrush is a mystery.  I'd say that it was bound to turn up but, given that I've emptied all the boxes, it may remain one of life's mysteries.

The lavender's doing really well already and is covered in bees.

The honeysuckle has recovered well and this may be it's year for a big spurt.

I seem to have a new visitor

Fraser's not altered

and Catriona's still Catriona

In the afternoon I took a ride into town.  It was wonderful not having the roof on the car.  It was a bit chilly but the sun was glorious.  I went to see a friend for coffee and say 'hello' and came home to dinner with the family.  An excellent lasagne - too many helpings (it couldn't have been to many glasses of wine.  Er well...) that made me tired.  Very tired.  I was in bed and fast asleep by 9pm.  And up with the dawn chorus before 0600 this morning.  I feel absolutely great.  It's almost as if I've never been away.

So this morning I had some decisions to take.  What to do first was the first one.  So I downloaded my emails and decided to deal with them first.  Which is why I'm writing this and the emails haven't yet been done.  I seem to be finding keeping to decisions hard these days!  And, of course, I've done a thousand and one other things along the road.  But, hey, it's only 9am and the day is young.  Well, sort of.

It's good to be home.  Wherever home is.  It's good to have friends.  It's good that the sun is shining.  It's good to be alive.  For all that, and more, I give thanks. 


  1. glad to hear you arrived home safely - today we've had drizzle and chill. Our clocks go back tonight. I'm glad of my wonderful bed to sit and stitch snuggled up warm.

  2. Uh oh, Graham...maybe the not so good parts of me have rubbed off onto you, rather than the ones I'd hoped :)

    Not keeping to your decisions sounds far too much like me...far too much.

    There's something special about you being right here, where you are, in New Zealand....I can feel it.

    Love to you, my thankful and happy friend ♥

  3. So glad the sun was shining for you. You lavendar looks so bright and cheerful, mine is much paler.

  4. Graham, I hope you ended up just having a Good Sunday without bothering too much about the order in which to do things... :)

    In spite of and because of all the clocks (the ones graciously provided on your blog vs. all the ones around my own home) I'm still confused about Time... We just put the clock back one hour (from summer to winter time) here. I still haven't changed all mine, only some of them. I'd better get on with that before I get even more confused...

    Soon lunch time here right now, but I should probably be wishing you Good Night...!

  5. So pleased you got here safetly. Didn't the North Island turn on great day to welcome you!

    Your lavender looks very healthy and happy. I expect you get wafts of scent coming inside from these plants.

    Please remember to use sunblock and wear a hat.

    Michelle and Zebbycat

  6. A thought to ponder on - Can you have two homes? I don't think so. In my life home is not just where the heart (which we only have one of),is but where we pay our income tax!! N.Z. is a wonderful "abode" to enjoy for 6 months of the year. Have a wonderful time dear friend.


  7. Thanks all for the welcoming comments.

    Ah, Spesh, there we have it! My heart is split in place as it is in many other things. And I have paid NZ Income Tax so......

  8. Beautiful!!!
    Love the lavender!