Thursday, 22 April 2010

Matakana Farmers’ Market

Farmers’ Markets seem to be The Thing In Vogue in New Zealand at the moment.  They are springing up everywhere.  To me the ambience and ‘genuineness’ of the one at Matakana we went to at last weekend seemed better than the others I have visited.  Yes, it was a bit twee and rustic but lets face it that’s one of the reasons people go to Farmers’ Markets.  The food mightn't have been cheap but it was good and not mass produced.  I’m not sure that necessarily makes it better nutritionally but it certainly makes it more pleasant to the mind when eating it.  I think it tastes better too but then one would wouldn’t one.






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  1. I like the second shot where you can see the feet of the little boy engrossed with the gold fish! I still have the picture of those kids in my head!