Sunday, 4 April 2010

Just Another Day

Really speaking I should just go to bed because it’s well after midnight.  But I’m not particularly tired and our clocks go back tonight and daylight saving comes to an end for another summer, so I can have an extra hour in bed if I want.

The day started when I woke and got up and went to switch on the jug (kettle – thing for boiling water and making tea - whatever you call it in your neck of the woods) and the computer.  As I walked across the living room Comet – the Family’s cat – who had obviously come in when the family were here last evening, appeared from the spare bedroom, stretched, yawned and sauntered out through the ranch sliders without even a thank you.  At least she’s had the good grace (and sense) not to meow during the night!

Today has been a day of highs and lows.  A friend in Blogland is having to cope with serious family health issues amongst other things.  She has been in my thoughts today.

I played an Association Croquet match this afternoon on lawns in tip-top condition with a cool breeze and a flawless sunny sky.  It was the most rewarding match I’ve ever played.  I lost 20:26 to one of the best AC players in the Club but I have never played better.  I was well pleased.  Perhaps I won’t give it up after all!

DSC07574A friend had asked me to take come photos of kittens she has been rearing so that she can find  homes for them.  So I went round this evening.  My reward was an excellent dinner, catching up chat and the end of a James Bond film involving a large ship and some submarines and lots of goodies and baddies and, of course, Roger Moore having good clean fun with beautiful women.  I still have no idea what it was called or what it was about!

I drove home on a cool evening with the lid of the car down and the stars and moon providing a fabulous roof over my head.  I played piano music and drove at a modest pace home along the sea front, through a deserted town and along windy country roads.  I shall miss The Handbag when I return to Scotland for the winter/summer.

I shall remember this as a Good Day but I shall be thinking of my friend and her family tonight.


  1. So very peaceful.
    And so thoughtful.
    Love the kitties...poor peacock feather...
    You are one-of-a-kind, Graham.

  2. Lovely pic of a quartet of active little tykes. I'm sure they will go quickly with that high quality marketing.

    What a coincidence about the moon and the stars. I have been pondering them on my blog tonight, too.

  3. John Denver. Wendy's heart throb.

    As I say in the sidebar "We may be apart but when I look at the sky and remember that we are standing on the same earth, looking at the same moon, somehow you don't seem so far away after all."

    And that's becaues no one is. We may be separated by physical space. But we are connected by our thoughts.

  4. Time is still confusing me! For the most part of your NZ stay, we've been exactly 12 hrs apart, which hasn't been too hard to remember. Then we (the Swedes) put or clocks forward last weekend. Then you put yours back! And the Americans changed theirs a couple of weeks before we did... It's making my head spin...! Maybe I should go find myself some clocks to put in my own sidebar...

    Wishing you another Good Day when you wake up (supposing you to be asleep as I'm writing this).

  5. Hope your friends problems are resolved. I've had my fill this past twelve months. Have decided it's an age thing. I wouldn't mind a kitten and Molly would love one, she adores cats. Unfortunately the love is rarely reciprocated.