Saturday, 3 April 2010

I Won’t Do That Again!

DSC07520 Mind you I’ve said that before.  This time I really mean it.  Mind you I’ve said that before too! 

One of the reasons I use a handkerchief and not paper hankies (tissues) is the mess they make if you leave them in a pocket when clothes go in the washing machine.  Another is that I prefer handkerchiefs but that’s a side issue.  This morning as I put the washing on the line I noticed that there was a huge sprinkling of white fibres all over my black underwear and my black poloshirt and, in fact, over everything to which a fibre could cling.  Which, in clothing terms, is pretty much everything.

It couldn’t have been a tissue so what…  Oh dear.  I keep a small notebook with all my jottings and things I have to remember and names I must put in my address book and ….  CJ once blogged with the name of such a notebook but I can’t recall what it was.  Anyway the clue as to what had happened to it appears in the picture – all that remains of my almost full notebook.  I wonder what information I shall be trying to recall.  I wonder what gems of postings will never be posted.  I wonder.  Ah well.  Another lesson learned.  I must make a note of it.  Now where’s that notebook…..


  1. OH Dear! Should that read side tissue?

  2. I could write a book about the things that have gone in our washing machine. About the only thing that hasn't so far is a mobile phone. Excuse me, what's that clunking noise I can hear???