Wednesday, 14 April 2010

House Blocks Road

imageQuirky little item on the News this morning.  In the UK this would sound weird.  Here it’s just a traffic warning.  A lorry transporting a house being moved during the night (which is when houses are moved because the roads are quiet) broke down.  Oops.  That’ll be fun during the morning.  I think it was on a State Highway and not in the middle of a town somewhere.  That could cause a bit of a rush hour problem!


  1. Do you think I should factor something like that into my travel time tomorrow when I go down to Auckland?

    A girl I once supervised was constantly late for work, had the most amazing collection of excuses but the day she said she had been delayed by a house in the middle of the road took the cake. Maybe I shouldn't have been so doubtful?!

  2. I'd say that person must REALLY love that house! That would be pretty amazing to see that moving down the road.