Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Daylight Saving Ends

Now that daylight saving has ended I know that I’ll not be alone in having to come to terms with the reality that is long nights.  As it gets dark earlier and gets cooler the whole essence of life that is New Zealand begins to falter.  For me life in New Zealand is a life lived outdoors.  I probably spend an average of well over 6 hours a day outdoors.  I drive a car without a roof.  I have large ranch sliders which remain open most of the day (and would be open most of the evening if it were not for the insects who come in to the light).  As the days draw in those opportunities for outside living grow fewer.

The long nights in Scotland never worried me.  I would hunker down with the central heating and the fire and use the long winter nights (midwinter on Lewis means that it’s dark at 4.30pm and not light until 8.30am) for all the things that one can do on long winter nights.  I relished them.  But then I knew that when midsummer came it would be light throughout the night – it is possible to read the paper outside at 2 am on midsummer’s night provided, of course, it’s not raining!  Everything is relative however and when I’m on Lewis on a warm summer’s day I look at the temperature in Napier and often find that my summer temperature might be exactly the same as the winter temperature in Napier. 

All this is, however, rather academic for me because in 15 days 19 hours and 34 minutes (approximately) I shall be leaving my New Zealand autumn to rejoin Scotland in the spring.

It’s not a bad life, I have to admit.


  1. Just noticed your countdown link in the sidebar, too...! Wishing you good luck with your packing and whatever else needs to be done in those days, hours, minutes and seconds! ;)

  2. It sounds like a wonderful life, indeed. You know what makes you happy and you do it. We all should.
    I just love when the weather turns, like now, and I can have the doors and windows wide open! I breathe deeper, smile bigger. Yup, life is good.

  3. I feel sad - because your leaving reminds me our winter approaches yet again and i would love to follow the summer overseas! I also love learning about NZ through your posts!
    SO you will be missed here... until next year.
    and we can still follow you on your other blog :)

  4. Monica: Thanks for reminding me that I have to pack. I usually forget until the last minute because I don't usually have much to take between homes. This time I actually do have at leeast one case full - I bought a picture and various other odds and ends.

    Lisa: I hope that your new life works for you too.

    Fiona: Thank you. I shall miss being here despite what I said. I've just been taken out to lunch by Jayne and Colleen - my pals with whom I go away to tournaments - and that always makes me feel a tiny bit sad. I should be back at the end of October but in the meantime, as you say, I'll be on Eagleton Notes.