Monday, 15 March 2010

More Croquet - Less Time

I arrived back from Palmerston North late last night to find my guest for this coming week well ensconsed in the Cottage.  A lasagne and lots of catching up later we went to bed after midnight - very tired.  I was up before 6 am and managed to get everything unpacked and sorted and am now showered and eating my toast as I type.  Why?  Because this week I have the Hawkes Bay 76th Annual Tournament for the whole of the week.  Hopefully I'll manage to get some blogging done in the evening but this posting will be brief because we have to be on the lawns 35 minutes away for an 0830 start.   So life is very hectic and, hopefully, this week will be as enjoyable as the weekend was.  In the meantime I MISS BLOGLAND! 

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  1. ... And we miss you, too; but wish you all the best for the tournament! Thanks for the update! ♥