Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I’ve Enjoyed Today

This is a self-indulgent posting.  Please feel free not to read it.

I slept like a log last night and, despite having eaten quite a lot of cheese after I’d returned home from the ballet, I didn’t have a bad dream – not even a night pony!

The car had to go for its Warrant of Fitness (due every 6 months after a car’s 6 years old in NZ and annually before that).  I decided to go and sit in the sun in Emerson Street and have coffee and, as I had Samantha with me, catch up with emails as well as read the paper and do a crossword.  Sometimes enforced waiting around can be really good. The sparrows couldn’t wait for the crumbs from my carrot cake.



Then I went to The Cathedral, in which I had never been. That will be another post.

Home and the third lot of washing went into the washer (today was the first day I could dry any bedding from the guests and my beds).  I decided to play truant from croquet this afternoon and spend the afternoon just doing odds and ends and reading blogs and chilling out.

Then I made an early dinner for The Family because they had lots of things to do this evening and now the dishwasher is doing in a couple of environmentally unfriendly hours what I could have done in 20 minutes.  Silly really.  I’ve done without the dishwasher most of this stay but this evening I had such a huge amount of ironing I decided it was easier to load the dishwasher.  As I write this my bed linen has been ironed and the bed re-made.  I do have alternative sheets but these are my favourite beautifully smooth sheets.  If I was very wealthy I’d have someone make my bed with clean and very beautifully ironed expensive linen every day.  That would be my luxury.


  1. Just had to carry on after your opening sentence.
    Glad I did the last picture is great,'Sparrow on a trampoline'.

  2. That must be one of the fastest comment made on my blog - 7 minutes after posting!

    Wish I'd thought of that title for the pic.

  3. Glad you had an enjoyable day! Wishing you another good night's sleep on top of that! :)

  4. I'm glad that you wrote this post because I'd wanted to reply on the comment you made on mine yesterday :)

    Yes, your day was similar to mine with the laundering and the thinking.

    I like that you've captured the birds this sweet and pure.

    Every 6 months!! Oh my goodness. I imagine NZ to be quite a clean place now. It is every 12 here and does not matter the age of the vehicle.

    I enjoyed reading this, sweet friend.

  5. I LOVE the photos of the sparrows!!! Even the shots in movement are wonderful.
    Here in AZ, there's no such thing as a smog check, unfortunately. Some of these cars should have been off the road YEARS ago!

  6. Ummmmmmmm, nothing like fresh, crisp sheets, is there?
    What great photos, GB. The sparrows seemed to be enjoying their close-up!