Sunday, 14 February 2010

Thoughts on a Lazy Day

I woke this morning to a dull, heavy, almost humid, windless day.  I decided it was the perfect day for staying at home and perhaps doing a bit of weeding and so on in between the blogging  and sorting out iTunes and ...well, you know the sort of thing.  A spot of housework wouldn't go amiss either.   And some weeding and garden care.  For once I could have gone and played pétanque and, honestly, I did sort of intend to.  But now that it's midday - tempus fugits so it does - I rather think I'm going to stick to the lazy day idea and not venture forth from the property.  I think I may go for a walk this afternoon, though because it's now warm and sunny 27 deg with a cooling breeze. After all the 'garden' is 5 acres and I haven't been round it to the bottom paddocks in the four months I've been here this stay.  How disgraceful is that.  I think I might pop down to the orchard too and see what the trees have to offer.

After yesterday's little brushes with things of nature I seem to be plagued (well, perhaps not actually plagued but there are more than usual) with house flies today.  The huge buzz bombs we get (I think they are Blow Flies) are, oddly, less of a nuisance because they simply fly in - albeit noisily - and hit windows until they find an opening and then fly out again.  They seem to have no interest in humans.  Oddly the house flies seem the most resistant creatures to the anti-insect coating on the Cottage's surfaces.  Blow Flies, on the other hand, die within a very short time if they happen to land.  Thought you'd like to know that.  Well, not really, but I thought I'd tell you anyway. I also once heard or read that a fly will die of exhaustion if you prevent it for quite a short time  from resting.  I prefer the armoury of insect sprays available.  Although they probably do me more harm than the flies will.

Broadband is working as I type but it wasn't earlier today so sorting that has become a priority!

As it's Valentine Day I thought I would show you what has replaced the Christmas Tree in Napier's Emerson Street.



  1. I didn't know Napier was such a romantic town! The love heart tree is just gorgeous!

  2. As usual this architecture fascinates. Will just have to classify it as New Zealand, very Art Deco!