Tuesday, 16 February 2010

In A Rut

Jen at Exquisite Junction said in her posting On Photography a few weeks ago "Sheesh. All my photos look the same to me: bland...blah...boring. I need to refresh, refocus (oh, BAD pun!) and get out of this jaded slump into which I have sunk."  I thought at the time that Jen really had nothing to be concerned about either in that Blog or her Photography Blog (which she has since put on hold).  I didn't think her photos were bland at all.

However, Jen, I have suddenly realised what you meant and although I'm still not sure that I see it as something you have to be  concerned about I am suddenly feeling that about mine.

I have been posting photos of the trip up to Northland. Pauline and I made.  I've been doing it diary fashion so that, not only can  friends in Blogland see what we were seeing, but in the future I would have a record as a reminder.

Few of my photos are, therefor, of any artistic merit although I would like to think that most are not too  displeasing to the eye.  But as I looked at the last post I suddenly thought.  "Hmm.  These are a bit samey."  

So I apologise if they are rather boring but until I have finished the record (one more day to go) I'm afraid that's all I have to offer.  I hope you'll bear with me.


  1. Crazy! I think they're GREAT! So different from what I look at every day!

  2. Your everyday, is so different than what I see. I'm always happy to see your photos!

  3. Your photos aren't boring! Not in the least!

    I'm looking to learn more of how the camera sees, and I hold ridiculously high expectations for myself, which means in my eyes, I fail a lot.

    I visit all these websites from people who continuously post stunning images, and I remind myself that many of them have photoshop, but still...in my eyes, my photos are lacking life.

    Yours, dear friend, are not.

    Thank you for you comments as well, they are much appreciated. :)

  4. I agree with you about Jen's photos. I'd be in seventh heaven if I could take photos like she does. But, when it comes to sameness in your photos I just have to tell you this is an example of you talking a load of rubbish!

  5. Graham, your photos are not boring. I'm sure every one of us gets that feeling every now and then (I certainly do, wandering the same streets all the time); it happens even to the best of the professional photographers (and other artists, and writers).

    You obviously do know what it is you want with this series of posts: To show us what you've been seeing, and as reminder for yourself. And that you're doing well! So just keep on.

    If inspiration should hit you some other time to play around more with editing etc, you can still do that.

    I've been looking at your pictures and Pauline's as well and that's been fascinating in itself because while you two have been at the same spot at the same time, your photos are still not exactly the same. All-in-all it leaves me (on the other side of the earth) with an imprint in my mind of places I've never visited myself.

    But I also learn a little something about the art of photography, seeing that one photographer/blogger chooses one angle, and this detail; while the other chooses another perspective, and that detail. One not necessarily better than the other, just different.

  6. Thank you my friends. I suppose we all get dissatisfied with our own work occasionally and need that bit of re-assurance to keep us going or constructive criticism to help us improve. You are much appreciated and I'm glad that you are enjoying the journey. I certainly did. I had a wonderful time - but you can tell that can't you?