Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Great Adventure: Day Two: Cape Reinga

We arrived at Cape Reinga - together with many others.  It's a popular place now.
 The harder 'unofficial' path upwards to the left and over the hill and the paved path down to the right
The lighthouse and the converging oceans


A description of the view below
Looking South from the path to the lighthouse 
 The spit and beach to the West of the lighthouse

 The description of the photo below

 The oceans meet

 The crowds converge
 The lighthouse inscription

How far away are you?  The first distance on each sign is in nautical miles not 'ordinary' ones
(a nautical mile = 1.85 km and a mile = 1.61 km - approx)

 Busy place


The start of the journey back to Kerikeri


  1. Oh, Graham, that is the BEST post. You got some fab shots and you put it together so well!! I feel like I'm back there again. Well done, indeed!

  2. fantastic scenery Graham and you have captured it all wonderfully. The weather looks good to.

  3. What a beautiful view! I can see why this place is popular. I want to go!

  4. What beautiful views. Great pictures. Shame about the tourists though - they get everywhere.

    All those coaches - it gave David withdrawal symptoms!

  5. Beautiful scenery, and wonderful pictures. I love the colours of the ocean. And well done with the signs as well.

    Oh it does stir a longing for summer and travelling and touristing... Here - still just ice and snow, snow and ice... ;)

  6. That photo of the lighthouse makes me want to drop everything and travel there, just to see it in person. Nice shots!

  7. OH! That water! Soooo beautiful. ;^) Thank you for the tour, Graham...almost like being there...almost.
    (And, if I did the math correctly, I'm guessing that I'm about 8500 miles away...) Does that sound right?