Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Great Adventure: Day Two: Before The Untimely Delay

We continue our journey South (I still have severe difficulty with my North and South being upside down in New Zealand and the sun going round the 'wrong' way in the sky) and stopped at various places along the road until we came to a full stop and continued our journey some hours later with Dora on the back of a tow truck.

See Pauline's posting Waimamaku Stream
The picture that really enthralled Pauline
Guess who could do with a manicure
The Harbour
Not sure why they couldn't just get a roof rack like everyone else
Thought I'd photograph the Harley - there must be a caption there somewhere
Until we came to a  .


  1. More lovely pictures. I'm fascinated by the one Pauline likes with the abandoned "ship!" ;^)

    You're too funny (about the manicure...), too!

    And I had never thought about the sun going the "wrong" way??? Does it really? Rises in the West and sets in the East??? ;^0

  2. I have always wanted to visit New Zealand - your pictures just make me want to go there even more!

    Sorry about the car...

    Oh, do you mind if I steal your life quote on the sidebar? I'll give you credit for where I found it. :)


  3. Cynthia: Yes the sun really does go the 'wrong' way round in the Southern hemisphere. After 60 years in the Northern hemisphere it takes the brain a great deal of time to adjust. Now that I'm bi-hemispherical I have problems with north and south for a while each time I change.

    Jen: Of course you may. I can't attribute it because I don't know it's author but I saw it on a wall somewhere and photographed it.

  4. I can't get my head around that sun-rising-in-the-west thing. I have enough trouble keeping apart left and right! (ever since I had to start using my left hand more for things I used to always do with the right)

    Anyway, nice harbour pictures!

  5. I'm so glad you got a good photo of that old boat that took my fancy. I didn't get a single good shot of it, despite the fact I probably took twice as many photos of it. She had seen better days, the poor old thing, and she was suffering from neglect but she looked so at peace keeled over on her side under the shade of that huge tree. I also like your photo of the rusty old workhorse.