Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Great Adventure: Day One

We set off from Pauline's in the area of the Tangihua Forest and made our way across to Dargaville on the West Coast.  See Pauline's posting.  It's 'big' country with rolling hills from the Uppity Downity Mountains East of Pauline to the West coast.  There is severe drought in the area and the panoramic landscape shots tell the tale.  The botton of the two panoramas shows Tokatoka just south of Dargaville as a tiny pimple.  In fact it's quite a sizeable volcanic plug.



 The Uppity Downity Mountains in the far distance taken from near the West Coast.  The Uppity Downities are in The Tangihua Forest (Their correct name is the Tangihua Range but we never call them that).  As you can see from the map (this is taken from just South of Dargaville) New Zealand is not a very wide country at this point.


  1. Impressive panorama views, and a very photogenic sky to go along with it! Really like that bottom picture because you managed to capture the greenery and the draught and the mountains and the sky all in one.

  2. Beautiful! I like the informal name of those mountains. I'm going to find something in Mexas that I can bless with an equally interesting nickname.

  3. I would delight in allowing my bare feet glide in this setting. Yes. And I would twirl around...probably trip over myself and fall...but I'd laugh and laugh and laugh :)

  4. I love the last photo, too...the setting is just idyllic. I'm with Heather, I would have to run and dance through that one.