Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Great Adventure: Day Four: Waitangi

On 6 February 2008 I blogged on Waitangi Day.  Waitangi is a place of considerable significance to New Zealand because it is the place where the Treaty of Waitangi received its first signing (by 46 Maori Chiefs).  I have learned in my relatively short time here that the whole issue of the Treaty is exceptionally complex.  But what is not in dispute is the significance of Waitangi and the beauty of the Treaty Grounds.  We arrived on a dull, wet day and I am already looking forward to my next visit when the sun will shine and the whole place will look very different.

The new entrance to the Treaty Grounds is beautiful and well thought out (and has probably the most elegant public washroom in New Zealand - probably one of the most elegant anywhere for that matter!).


The Beach will feature in the next posting


 The Treaty House which consists of the original Brittish Residency erected in 1833-34, an added South Wing and a replacement North Wing built in 1933.  It has had an interesting an chequered history.

 The naval flagstaff where the Treaty was first signed.  Across the Bay through the mist and rain is Russell (and more blogging!).


 Te Whare Runanga - This meeting house was opened during the Treaty celebrations in 1940


 The rear of the Treaty House


 The parlour of the Treaty House


The Bedroom - originally the only bedroom in the house.


  1. I want that meeting house to live in.

  2. Very interesting-looking house that one you call meeting house. (That one does NOT look Swedish! LOL) Nicely framed by those tall trees too - makes a really good picture.

  3. Lucky you to get to tour this country! And lucky us that you take us with you.
    Probably the only way to really SEE NZ is to live there six months a year like you do.

  4. Graham, I think you captured one of the nicest shots of the meeting house I have ever seen! And yes, those loos were very grand, weren't they?