Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Great Adventure: Day Four: Paihia to Russell

We set off on the passenger ferry from Paihia to Russell on a dull, damp afternoon.



The buildings at the Paihia ferry terminal


I just couldn't resist this catamaran


 Paihia as we pass the outlying islands


Waitlingi Treaty house and the Naval Mast taken from half way across the Bay on a choppy sea on a dull day!!


 Three boats in the bay: (left to right) MV Clipper OdysseyMV Europa, and Oceanic Discoverer,


  1. Nice pictures in spite of the dull weather. Three of those big ships in one photo, that's a good catch!

    The top one from the ferry terminal again reminds me of certain parts of Sweden but then every time I see a distance shot of the landscape it's very different...

  2. Why do all these yachts have white livery? Wouldn't it be more fun if they had lots of colours?