Monday, 22 February 2010

Back At Pauline's

Having arrived back at Pauline's in the hire car I still had a few days before Dora would be ready and I could  go back to Kerikeri and collect her and then return to Napier. During those days

 The little Toyota hire car plodded away faithfully if with some difficulty on the long runs - or perhaps it was just me.  Dora has V6 3 litres of grunt, this had 1.4 litres of  squeak.

 The Paradise Shelducks continued to graze

 The Twins continued to visit with the Revhead at the controls.

 Pauline continued to go to work

 The girls continue their schooling

 And until I enlarged this photo I did not realise that I was being waved goodbye - the bus was actually quite a distance away.  I was really touched.  Silly, perhaps, but there it is, I was.

 I went and played croquet (now there's a surprise)

 and the starlings continued to gather every evening


  1. That last shot is fantastic!

    (By the way, thank you for your comment last week. I appreciate it.)

  2. I agree with Rae, that last picture is a really good one!

    And how nice to discover a "retrospective" wave good-bye when editing the pictures!

  3. You know how I love where I live. Then I see it through your lens and fall in love all over again. Amazing how you can see Krystal waving from the school bus. And that last photo of the cows and birds is wonderful!!