Saturday, 13 February 2010

Another of Those Days

It started pretty innocuously.  A lovely sunny morning.  I put the washing out and set off for croquet: golf croquet in the morning and an Association doubles match in the afternoon.

I'll cut to the chase (as 'they' say.  I'm not sure who 'they' are but I've heard it used on the TV so ...).  This is really just a post to tell you that I've got the feeling that I'm being persecuted.

Whilst I was playing croquet this afternoon a large bumble bee flew straight into my face, bounced off and flew away.  Then a cicada flew into the back of my head, bounced off and flew away (Frank, my doubles partner said it was a huge one - it felt like it!).  Then this evening I was on the  phone to Pauline when a Gisborne Cockroach decided to park itself on me.  Now these may be colourful and harmless, non-biting creatures but I do not like them when they land on me.  I suspended the phone call - on speakerphone - and whilst Pauline heard me dealing with the creature Pauline laughed.  Not, in my view, a kind thing to do!  A chap could take exception to that.  But my shoulders are broad (otherwise the Gizzy wouldn't have had room to land!). 

And on the subject of persecution I've also had that feeling when it comes to the internet.  My Broadband connection has been so iffy that I'm using dial-up.  Oh how I wonder how those, such as Pauline, who can only get dial-up manage.  Half the time I've just not been able to do things and the rest of the time I'd have been able to cook a meal whilst photos for the blog loaded.  In fact I nearly did!
But now it's time for bed.  So that's where I'm going.  Night.  Night.


  1. I was giggling as you described the cockroach attack :) - I admit that.

    The broadband and dial up would create a bit of frustration in me too, GB. Pauline must be a patient lady in that area.

    I find myself not quite so patient with some things, such as dial up or slow running uploads of anything I want done "right now".


    Good morning, by the way...or afternoon by now.

  2. I'm not patient at all, with slow-running computers...especially since I have four internet classes now. I know what you mean about waiting for blog photos to load and being able to cook dinner!!!
    ;^) ;^0 ;^-

    I believe that the bug community has conspired against you. You're right. Did you do something unjust, like squash one of their fellow creatures with your boot? Hmmmm...I must be careful, then, as I do not like bugs in my house. It reminds me of my mom's worst bug night as she lay sleeping, she opened her eyes just in time to adjust to the dark and see a scorpion fall from the ceiling, land on her neck and sting her!!! Really!!! Ooo!!! AWFUL! Poor Mom. I've stepped on a scorpion once and had it sting me twice before I could react and remove my bare foot! It feels like needles going through!!! I'm glad your bugs were not that vicious.

  3. Must be a bug conspiration to take revenge for your regular spraying of the Cottage! I confess I laughed too when reading about it, but I know I'd be making a very different sound if it was me being attacked, so I do sympathize! It also reminds me that there ARE advantages to Swedish winter: At least no flying insects about to bump into this time of year!

    As for the broadband and dial-up problems, you have my sympathy again. So much easier to get used to fast connection than to get un-used to it again...!

  4. GB, that sounds like a bug conspiracy to me. (Bumblebees don't sting? I thought they did.) I'd have FREAKED out if the cockroach was on me - and I did laugh a little, but in camaraderie...anyone who has ever seen how I react when bugs land on me, well, I'm sure you were much more graceful.

    I have zero patience with slow computers...I feel awful that you are on dial up. :(

    Sending you my best (and wishes for the bug conspiracy to end!) :)

  5. Hi All. Broadband's working again this morning. It'll be interesting to see for how long it works. Telecom say I may have a faulty dongle. Hmmm.

    Monica: The Gizzy would have died pretty soon after wandering around but until then... Actually I'm not sure how it got onto me I'd have felt it if it had dropped off the ceiling so presumably it crawled (they can't fly) of the couch where I was sitting. Because I always have bare feet in the house I actually dread the idea of treading on one - particularly in the dark at night - because it would be a BIG squash.

    Jen: Bumblebees do sting. But, unlike wasps, only if they have to. This one just bounced off me so fast it didn't have time. Perhaps it was a blind bumblebee. Probably gave itself a headache anyway. Shame. I love bees. But I detest wasps.

  6. I can only add a big YUCK at the idea of a big SQUASH... I would not dare walk barefoot! LOL

    Good luck with the broadband and may the insects stay away from you today :) (how's that for a Valentine's blessing)

  7. I know it's not polite to laugh at the misfortune of others but some things are just FUNNY! Or maybe it was just my over active imagination picturing the antics that were accompanying the sounds I was hearing!

  8. Oh, good to know about Bumblebees. I figured it was just my learned fear of anything yellow and black that flew and buzzed making me afraid, and I was mostly afraid of them because they are so big. Although, wasps strike a different kind of fear in my heart.

    But they do sting, so my fear will remain intact. :)

    How cool that you photographed that quote - thanks for letting me use it. :)