Wednesday, 13 January 2010

What Would Your Wish Be?

I was writing to friends in the UK the other day.  I met them at the hospital where he was having radiotherapy at the same time as I was.  A kinder, lovlier couple one could not wish to meet.  Our friendship will be the sort where we keep in touch and occasionally meet and always think of each other and how  the other is getting on.

I apologised for not being in touch for a few weeks.  I had absolutely no excuses.  It's just that the days seem to disappear so quickly and there seems to be so much to fit into them.   As I've said before I originally started my blog as a away of telling friends and family what I was up to without sending almost daily emails and it worked for a while.  Now Blogland is a whole new land I inhabit with a new set of friends and even more emails to write.

Don't get me wrong.  I love writing and keeping in touch.  It's just a question of actually doing it to so many people.  I write daily (almost) to my brother and Pat and Dave on the Island and at least once a week to my favourite Goddaughter and to so many more.  I chat on Skype (by message rather than voice) to friends daily and seem to spend hours on the phone too. 

I am a really really lucky person.  But because I am lucky I also have full days.  I cannot imagine the horror of loneliness so many people endure for whatever reason.  Actually that's not true.  I can imagine it.  When I was reading for the English bar I used to have to spend weekends in London because of the quaint tradition of eating a minimum number of dinners in my Inn of Court (all barristers in England had to belong to one of the four Inns of Court).  After one dinner I took myself to the theatre in Picadilly to see Alan Bennett's play Oh What a Lovely War.  When I came out around midnight, Picadilly was teeming with thousands of people.  I felt the utter dejection of lonliness.  To be surrounded by so many people and be so alone was, to me, one of the worst moments of my life.  I have never forgotten it.  I decided at that moment that I couldn't cope with  staying in London and abandoned my bar studies.  I can not recall feeling particularly lonely since then whether on my own or in a crowd.

So I think if I could have a universal wish the abolition of loneliness would be very high on my list.


  1. I couldn't agree more. And good job making a change that meant something.

  2. One of those "things" I believe where most of us can really only do our part within a certain circle (each to his/her own ability) and hope that the people whose lives we do touch, in turn will get the energy to reach out to others... Sometimes people, like other things in life, seem to just "happen" to us, don't they? - whether it's on the internet or some more tangible place. You're doing well my friend ♥

  3. Dear Graham, I read this the other day and am just now getting a chance to comment :)

    Now, I shall bless you with your own words that spoke to me...that my self so understands:

    "It's just that the days seem to disappear so quickly and there seems to be so much to fit into them."

    Yes. I feel this way also, but I know that throughout the busy of days - gifts are brought to us in the moment and in that moment, we shall treasure the gift. I think that we have such a deep desire to love those who have touched our hearts in such a way that they know they're cared becomes and endless amount of energy. Really, I know that time can pass by without a doubt that not a day goes by that we wouldn't have wanted to say something of importance to the other.

    In those moments, I pass my thoughts on to The Lord and ask His Spirit to bless you...because I can not always be in a place to do it myself :)

    You are a special man, dear special that He waits for you ♥