Sunday, 27 December 2009

A Very Big Thank You

I could go on blogging about my trip to Northland for weeks and I may yet do that.  The time has come, however, to tell you about a magical evening walk.  It is one thing seeing places on a blog.  It's entirely another to walk around those pictures and experience them for one's self.  Which is what I did on a beautiful Sunday evening before I flew back South from Northland.  This was the wonderful culmination of a really wonderful weekend.  A weekend in which I was fortunate enough to experience Pauline's hospitality and a share of her knowledge of the area she knows so well.  For all that - a very big thank you.

The Uppity Downity Mountains from the other side: the view before breakfast

The Vodafone Tower which was the point of focus for my time in Northland.

 A granddaughter with a love of speed

 and scrambling

 The Creek

 On the far side of The Farm

Granddaughters and horses (there's an electric fence between them).


  1. Beautiful landscape.
    I particularly like that photo of the horse beneath the tree, and also the one with the girl and the dog on the road. Good shots!

  2. This is a wonderful treat for me!! All of your photos share such refreshment, Graham :) Thank you for sharing. I've been thinking about you, wondering what you've been doing, how you are. Glad to see these posts this morning. ♥

  3. What a beautiful place! Your photos convey peace, restfulness, and freedom for me. Love the wide open green!

  4. GB, you captured Shayde perfectly in that photo of her crossing the creek. I also like your photo of The Far Side which I never think of as very picturesque. Maybe because I have eyes down, concentrating on getting up the hill. If I didn't already love that section of the creek in your photo, I certainly would now. Love that photo!