Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Ocean Beach

At the end of The Heads we came to Ocean Beach.  I know this  may sound silly but it reminded me of some of the fabulous beaches in the Western Isles of Scotland with one very significant difference - it was warm!  The other differences were, of course, the flora and fauna of the area.  

I have seen Yellowhammers in the area where I live but have never been able to photograph one nor see them in the trees.  This one flew into a tree down by the beach but I spotted it and, thanks to the fabulous lens on the Sony, I managed to photograph it.   It was a long way off but the photo is good enough to confirm the identification.

I'm fairly certain that this is a Glade Copper (Lycaena feredayi complex) because of its heavy markings although it could be a Common Copper/Pepe Para Riki (Lycaena salustius complex).  The problem is that the South Island Common has heavy markings whereas the North Island has much lighter ones.  Whatever, I can be certain that it's a Copper.

And who would have expected wild sweet peas in the dunes above the shore?


  1. Love the colours in that beach view at the top!

    And beautiful buttefly shot...

    Glad you're happy with your new camera; seems you made good use of it on this weekend trip! :)

  2. Great shot of that butterfly. I can see the hairy little body of that copper!

  3. It's so nice to see an ocean, even in pictures. These photos are great!

  4. That camera of yours is better than binoculars! Glad you could identify the bird. And isn't the colour of that little sweet pea glorious?