Sunday, 15 November 2009

To Pay Or Not To Pay.....

I went into town during the week and parked at the garage where I'd had some work carried out and went in to pay a bill.  I came out and drove into the under cover municipal car park next door and parked.   It saves me putting the hood up. It is a pay and display car park.  I walked off to meet a friend for lunch and do some shopping and as I sat down at the cafĂ© I remembered that I hadn't bought a pay and display ticket.  Oops.  I don't know what the fee is for not displaying a ticket.  The cost per hour for pay and display is $1.

So here is the dilemma.  When I got back I went to buy a ticket and assuage my conscience that I'd not cheated the system.  After all it costs the public to provide that parking.  Then I though.  "Hang on.  What if I receive a penalty in the post in the next week or so.  Do I want to pay twice?  After all  I was there for a couple of hours so there was a good chance that I'd be caught.  There are a lot a parking people."  So I didn't.  But then my conscience troubled me.  I know it's only $2 I'm talking about but....  Ah well.  Life's full of these dilemmas.  Playing the Glad Game.  It's hardly a serious matter in the scheme of things and if that's the worst I have to worry about then......


  1. Oh I'm so familiar with that! Not parking (since I don't have a car) but similar things. The other day for example I stole some bananas. I did not mean to, but they were not on my receipt when I got home. However by the time I noticed that, I had already got rid of the evidence (bag and price tag). (I weighed the bananas in the store and put the tag on, but then I obviously forgot to scan it.)

    Had this been my little local shop I might have gone back to confess but the superbig supermarket... I don't think their machines could handle it if I tried!

  2. Next time leave the car at the garage, no problem!