Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A Blogging Haitus

This week has not turned out as I expected.  The International Croquet Test Matches are being held at the moment in three New Zealand locations over three weeks.  This week (week 2) the Tests are being played at the club I play at and the Te Mata Club 20 minutes away.  One of my jobs for the Test at our club (New Zealand v Australia) is to set out lawns and set the widths of the hoops.  If you think, by the way, that it's easy getting a ball through a hoop the Tests are being played with hoops set 1/64" (.5mm) wider than the balls.

I had expected after the day spent putting new hoop positions in that my involvement would be confined to getting up at 6am when I was on duty to put out hoops for the 6 lawns that we have and set the width of the hoops for play to start at 0830.  In practice I have spent most of the days and early evenings since Saturday at the Club partly working and partly watching the matches.  I've also had a friend who came to see two days of the Test staying.

It's now bedtime and I have to be out early again tomorrow so this will be another day without reading blogs.  I have written a quick Thankful Thursday post scheduled for tomorrow though.

Although there is one more day of this Test, New Zealand have already beaten Australia and will play England in the final Test next week.  That Test will be the decider for the series and Australia and the USA will play off for the last two positions.

I go away on Friday to a 6-day tournament in Palmerston North - my favourite tournament of the year.

So until I return I may well only be putting in the occasional appearance in my beloved Blogland.


  1. Good luck on the tournament and have a safe trip!

  2. Good to be busy doing something you love :)
    See you when we see you!

  3. I knew you had to be up to something when there was a void in your I know you're playing croquet....I should have guessed.
    Have a good time and good luck in all of your matches.
    We'll see you when we see you.

  4. Good luck at the tournaments, GB. We'll look forward to reading all about them when you get back. xoxox

  5. Have a great week! I hope you do well.

  6. What, no pictures?
    Have a great week away and come back revelling in success.

    1. There will be Adrian. As soon as I have some time. Perhaps even this evening 'cos I'm home much earlier than I expected today: I only spent 7 hours there.

  7. Wish you good luck in the tournament!