Friday, 2 November 2012

I'm on my way

I'm in Glasgow.  In a few hours time I shall be on my way back to Napier.  This time though I shall not be traveling via Los Angeles or Hong Kong but via Dubai and Australia.  I've been quite lucky given the chaos that transatlantic air travel is in as a result of Superstorm Sandy.  My loyalty to Air New Zealand has been interrupted by the fact that ANZ wanted almost twice as much as Emirates to get me from Scotland to New Zealand.  So in a few hours I shall set off for Napier on a different route to usual:

Leave Glasgow Thu 2045 Arriving Dubai Fri 0815 (local time) Friday 0415 (UK time)
Leave Dubai Fri 1010 (Local time)
Arrive Auckland Saturday 1345 (local time) Saturday 0045 (UK time)
Leave Auckland 1545 (local time) 0245 (UK time) Arrive Napier 1645 (local time) 0345 (UK time)


  1. Happy and safe travels, Graham. And do, please, try to rest. Michael arrived home last night, much rejoicing in this family as I'm sure there will be in yours when you hit Napier.

  2. WOW! Talk about a visual!!! And I guess I didn't realize that you were so far east in NZ!
    Sure hope you can sleep on your travels!!! Look forward to catching up in NZ!

  3. Just checking where you are... Somewhere over the Tasman Sea, presumably, as I write this... Hope all is well!