Sunday, 27 November 2011


In November 2010 I posted a picture of an Elevenspotted Ladybird.  These are common throughout New Zealand.  The Twospotted Ladybird (Adalia bipunctata) is, according to Andrew Crowe common in Southern New Zealand.  This was taken at The Cottage so it would appear to have spread its wings so to speak.  I've discovered that trying to hold a camera completely still and focus the macro with one hand when an insect is on the other is not easy especially when, as in this case,  it kept turning away and wouldn't keep still.

Camera shy


  1. Manouvering the camera with one hand is never easy... Reminds me of when a butterfly landed like a brooch on my chest back in the summer...

  2. It's not just Ladybirds......I have more rear views of insects, mammals and birds than I ever manage front views.

  3. Ladybird beetles are my favorite tiny creature, and you did a great job of capturing this little one!


  4. I've never seen a two spotted ladybug! In fact, I've never considered that different species had varied number of spots.
    When I think of insects, I could never consider letting one crawl on me for any reason. The only exception is a ladybug. Why is that? The nursery rhyme?
    Camera mother had a Doberman Pinscher that would always show us the rear view when the camera came out! So funny.