Friday, 19 November 2010


I have a friend staying at the moment so blog time is limited but I thought that this evening I would just post a quick picture before bed. We have lots of Ladybirds/Ladybugs around at the moment.  In this case an Elevenspotted Ladybird.  These were introduced from England in 1874 to help control aphids.  It's now common in New Zealand in gardens and orchards.  In its lifetime each ladybird cane eat 1000 aphids!


  1. Oh no. Many people love these but I have some not so pleasant memories of too many of them, so I'm not so keen! Had the photo been of one on a green plant I would not have had a problem, but this one... Well, I'm actually placing the comment box over the picture as I write!!! LOL

  2. I found one just the other day folded up in my umbrella. She didn't look to be in such good shape.
    This is a great pic!

  3. One of the things that is fascinating about moving from the South Island to the North is the difference in bugs.
    We don't like all of them but the ladybirds are pretty amazing.
    Our first garden up here had a tree that housed lots of iridescent green and blue ladybirds. The tree stood near the washing line so often my sheets or towels would be sprinkled with these little jewels flapping about in the sun.
    So pretty, and so different from the standard red and black variety we were used to in Canterbury. (Although, very appropriate colours)
    Cool photo GB :-)