Tuesday, 29 January 2008

This and That

I could go on about what a wonderful day I've just had but you may get a bit tired of that so I'm going to do a little bit of that and then give you a tiny bit of something different.

I had three excellent games of croquet this morning. Everything went just right. I played petanque this afternoon. Everything went just right. I have come to the conclusion that if your mind is relaxed and everything is good with the world, then everything comes right. Now I know that's nothing new but so much is chicken and egg. I just wish I could get them in the correct order more often.

Wendy was here!
A very New Zealand scene
A pokie machine at St Johns Club. Only the second time I've ever played one. $6 invested. $16 won. $6 re-invested. $10 remaining. Overall gain $4 nett ie 66% profit in 10? minutes.
One of our party won $120.
Amn't I going thin on top!?

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