Thursday, 31 January 2008

Fresh Food in Season

I think that I mentioned some time ago that many fresh foods here tends to be eaten in season so that asparagus and sweetcorn are eaten in large amounts during the season and relatively little out of season. Sweetcorn vacuum packed out of season is just over $3 per head whilst in the height of the season even the supermarkets sell a head for less than 50 cents and the farms and roadside vans will sometimes sell for half of that. Asparagus is similarly exceptionally cheap at $2 a kilo at times. I recall once last year calling in at one of the farm shops and they had a crate of apples marked $2. I assumed that was for a specific amount eg a kilo but the chap said "As much as you can carry". At 20p (UK) a cheap lunch - and no fat either (except for the butter that I swamped it with!)

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  1. Did you know you can cook sweetcorn in a microwave. Keep it jacketed in its leaves (to retain the moisture) and simply microwave for three minutes. Apparently it keeps the best of the taste in - allegedly.