Monday, 19 November 2012

Be Careful

Despite being attributed as an old Chinese Proverb (which it may well be) and to Goethe and W W Jacobs the imprecation to be careful what you wish for because it may come true is actually difficult if not impossible to attribute to an original source.  In fact it has probably come from so many independent and different sources there is no one origin.  In any case so far as I am concerned I said it - albeit I was not the first.  "And what" may we ask "are we to be careful about?"  Actually in this case it is a warning from me to me.  

I haven't written a blog post a for days (why oh why does the spillchucker not recognise blog and Blogger?) and I am really missing it.  I have been in Blogland reading though.  Why have I not posted?  Because life back in NZ has been busier this time than ever just as my last summer in Europe was one of the busiest I can remember.

I almost found myself wishing that I wasn't so busy.  Then I stopped myself.  Just think if I couldn't play croquet; if I couldn't drive and travel and see all my friends; if I didn't have all those friends and family; if I were housebound; if I didn't have the money to travel to tournaments; and so on.  The list is endless.   The lifestyle I enjoy so much may have its frustrations but those frustrations are born out of a lack of time to do everything that I want to do.  How much more frustrating it would be if I had all the time and I didn't have those things to fill it.

One day I may well not be able to do everything.  One day time may be in such plentiful supply that I will look back on my life at the moment and be very, very grateful.

In the meantime I shall be very careful what I wish for.

On a lighter note here are a few titbits for you:

A female (possibly immature) Chaffinch 2 metres from me on the deck watches me as she clears up the night's bugs
"I'm watching you."
The Honeysuckle is doing well this year.
Life's good and I'm going to tell the world
And who are you looking at?


  1. We all knew you were going to be busy busy busy when you arrived in NZ....(at least I did), but like you said, be thankful that your life is filled with such lovely surroundings and friends and family and pets....and also that your health still allows you to move around. Enjoy yourself!!
    Lovely photos.

    1. Thanks Virginia, I'm certainly doing my best to enjoy it whilst I can. That's at least one of the (probably many) things we have in common.

  2. You seem to be getting more busy with every year, Graham! Good to see you find some time to stand and stare at birds and sheep and beautiful flowers, though :)

    1. I am Monica but it will, of course, one day slow down and even come to an end. I'm just pushing that as far away as possible.

  3. Great shot of the sheep......Being from the hills of Derbyshire....I too will refrain from what I wish for.

  4. So true - retirement should be busy of things you want to do and you certainly manage that beautifully :)

  5. You are definitely blessed! So am I. Busy is good. I, too, want to push those days of having nothing to do as far out as possible!

  6. Those pictures of lush green and blue sky and flowers and sheep and birds make me long for spring and summer - when our winter hasn't even begun properly yet... (that interlude of snow we had at the end of October was just that, an interlude).

    I don't really know how, but somehow I generally manage quite well in finding a balance between busy times and the occasional day in between where there is nothing in my diary. Both feels good - the busy times and the "me" times, and I need them to be at peace with myself and those around me.

  7. There are only a few things I wish for, like a body that matches my age rather than this often debilitating arthritic condition I have had since age 18. And a cure for the nerve & muscle damage from my car accident in 2009.
    But on the other hand, I remain grateful everyday for the fact that I am alive, I can walk, I am surrounded by loved ones and I have eyes to see the beauty of nature that I am surrounded by.
    Lovely shots of NZ, Graham! It's so green. I'm looking forward to your posts and your photos of a country I'd love to visit one day. I love the colour contrasts in the last shot - the lavender against the green grass and the sheep watching you.

  8. I haven't had time to catch up on your posts for ages. I try not to wish I weren't so busy, just have to remind myself it won't last for long and I'll be back to having the 'just right' amount to do.