Friday, 17 February 2012

What Would You Put Your Box?

Three years ago this month - I can't believe that it's so long ago - I read a post by Jan of Stitchings and Other Ramblings entitled Please excuse me while I have a proud mummy moment.  The thing that was causing the mummy moment was a poem by Ellinor aged 9.  I thought that it was brilliant and made a note in my drafts to do a post.  I've returned to it on a number of occasions but have now decided to resurrect it.  Unfortunately Jan didn't post a lot after that and hasn't posted since May last year.  Nor does she have an email address so I'm hoping that she and Ellinor will not mind me quoting from her blog. 

Jan's post:
I won't be offended if you don't want to read this entry but I just wanted to share.
Ellie has been going to creative writing class every couple of weeks after school.  It's run by the headmistress and she allows them to let their imaginations run riot and they can sit, lie, stand where ever they want and feel comfortable - it's totally informal.
Well Ellie came back with a poem she'd written and after reading it I suspiciously questioned where her ideas had come from and whether she'd copied pieces or ideas from things she'd heard or read. She assured me she hadn't and was most put out that I'd think that. Here it is.

My Magic Box by Ellinor

I will put in my box
the shimmer of a sparkling star on a simmering night
the bark from the mouth of a black Jasper Labrador
the top of my Ted touching the television

I will put in my box
a snowflake with a falling heart
a hat of the finest tartan from Loch Lomond
a swirling star from an eternal space

I will put in my box
four orange wishes spoken in Welsh
the last cough of an old father
and the first wink of a black fly

I will put in my box
A violet moon and a multicoloured sun
A mummy on a broomstick
And a witch on a simmering pyramid

My box is made from the finest velvet
With sugar on the lid and books in the corners
Its hinges are the colour of the sun

I shall read in my box
on the top of a million hearts beating together
then find a diamond
the colour of the moon

Age: 9
Feb 2009
I've often wondered what I would put in my box but whatever goes in it will be expressed prosaically and not with such poetry and style as used by Ellinor: Aged 9.


  1. Wonderful for a 9-year old. I do hope she'll continue with her writing as she grows.

  2. That's wonderful! Such glorious images. How wonderful that she has a teacher who lets the children take an idea and run with it. Rules for poetry are for later -- and then to be broken!

  3. No matter what I chose to put in my box, I could never express it like that! What a talented child.

  4. Wow. What wonderful stuff goes on in her head.

  5. I hope she keeps writing and does just not put her poetry in a box!

  6. Wow what a surprise ! Yes , Ellinor is still writing and dreaming as is her mum (me) although at the age of 12 and at secondary school unfortunately dreams tend to revolve around becoming a pop star and boys at the moment !!!!
    Myself , I'm settled and relaxed in my work although a lot has happened in the past year and I may yet post again although I feel as if I might tempt fate at the moment by writing that I'm relatively relaxed.
    I've been following your and your brothers blogs and my reading has taken over from writing at present.

    1. Jan, how wonderful that you are still around and feeling more relaxed. It's also good to know that Ellinor: aged no longer 9 is also writing and dreaming! I am so pleased that you've seen this and that you don't mind that I've used it. It has been lurking round the back of my mind ever since I first read it. As you will have gathered I thought it was absolutely wonderful. I hope that one day you do feel that you can blog again. In the meantime it's good to know that you are out there dipping in and out of our Blogland lives. Take care.

  7. I glad from all the comments that I eventually did get around to repeating Jan's post. Thank you Ellinor: Aged 9. My wish for you is that when you open the box of life it will contain wonderful things.