Monday, 20 February 2012

Warbirds 1

On Saturday Napier/Hastings Airport threw open its gates (which is a metaphorical way of saying that they were having an airshow because their gates are never shut) and all the aircraft which were flying for the Art Deco weekend were on display and some were taking passengers for flights too.  I shall show more planes over the next while but just now I shall show you two:

Although not originally an RNZAF Mustang, the NZ Warbirds Association operates an ex-Indonesian Air Force Mustang P51 built around 1945 in the markings of NZ2415 from № 3 (Canterbury) Squadron:

This Curtis Kittyhawk IV has a dual identity. It is A29-1050 on the rhs and A29-448 on the lhs.  It is probably the only plane in private hands still to have working machine guns.


  1. What a perfect blue sky for showing off those old airplanes! Fun details pictures, too.

  2. Seeing those planes brings back a memory of my dad driving us out to the local airport so my little brother could see the "lalas", his toddler word for planes. thanks for reviving it for me!

  3. That second looks menacing enough without knowing it has working machine guns! I wonder why it bears an Australian bird?

  4. Cripes, who exactly is this person who owns a plane with working machine guns? I hope they're very stable and sensible! :)