Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Thanks Colin

I had a good night laying on my tum and just waking every couple of hours to stretch my back and wonder where that particular earthquake was centered.  Answer: far enough away and deep enough not to be a problem.  I returned to the physio this afternoon.  I was stiff and rather wary because it seemed to be improving slowly but surely.  I got up off the table a new man.  Well that's exaggerating but I got up and was able to walk without pain.  Colin, for that is my hero's name, just asked how I was.  I replied that I was good - very good.  No question of John 5:8 or Mark 2:9 (it's amazing what a Prep School run by Roman Catholics instils into you for life) just good honest physio. 


  1. How good to be pain free again! Here's to Colin! *clinking glasses with sparkly content*