Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Seeing Through Glass

I recently took these photos of a Goldfinch from about 2 metres away.  How, you ask, did I get so close.  Well I didn't get close to it, it got close to me.  I was working in the kitchen area when it came down onto the bank outside the window.  I moved away to get my camera and moved back and took the photos.  It seemed completely unaware of my existence.  The double-glazed windows are clean enough to take a photo through and there was no sun.  As it appeared to be looking straight at me I wonder if it just couldn't see through the glass.  Odd.


  1. I've heard of birds flying straight into windows, but always assumed that was because they thought that what you can see through, you must also be able to fly through. Maybe by now enough birds have bumped into windows for them to begin to have a better concept of glass... ;) Anyway you got beautiful pictures of this one!

    I've also learnt something because although I've seen/heard the name goldfinch many times, I suddenly realized I've never had a concept of what it looks like. Or its name in Swedish. Looked that up just now and don't think I ever heard it (steglits). Actually don't even know how to pronounce it! In my own language!

  2. The American gold finich is quite different from the New Zealand one. It's smaller than this one appears to be, and has more yellow feathers. I believe it's the Washington State, state bird.

  3. Splendid photographs and impressively clean windows.


  4. I often wonder how come so many animals do not "get" glass. Not even my highly intelligent cat Mimi (who died almost 10 years ago, and the one that lives with me now is certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer) understood glass. Every time she was in and I was out (or the other way round) and I would put my fingertip against the window pane, she'd try to sniff it. Every time!
    What a beautiful bird. I am glad you were there to see it and had your camera ready before it left!

  5. Thanks all. Carol, the Goldfinch is about the same size as a Sparrow ie about13cm/5inches long.

  6. I wonder if it was just posing nicely for you, Graham. Such a unique looking bird! What a blessing to have that encounter. My windows are not so clean that you don't see little spots on a photograph. I wing my open and everyone flies away {not so graceful, me} :)

    1. It would be nice to think it was posing Heather. Perhaps I'm just not scary looking!