Friday, 3 February 2012

Laptop Problem Solved

 The computer shop's technowizzard was puzzled when I took the laptop back after he'd sorted it.  He'd installed the new drivers and it appeared to work so why, when I got it home, did it not work?   I was even more puzzled when he tried it in the shop and it worked perfectly.  "So it must be at your end" he said with incontrovertible logic.  

So back to the drawing board and the other technowizard who supplies our micro-wave broadband and wifi router.   In the late evening I received a call from him.  "Ah.  The level of security on your router must be too high for Windows 7" (all the other machines we use are Macs or pre-Windows 7) "I'll just alter it."  Which he did from his desk at home and then managed to puzzle Wendy up at The House by re-setting that router too.  She had been quietly using Martin's laptop when the wifi stopped working.    So I popped up and gave her the good news and then spent a couple of very pleasant hours setting the new laptop up with various programs and virus protection with a glass of Scotch perched at my side.  I've never been a spirit drinker (gin doesn't count) until fairly recently and now, after 40 years in Scotland, I'm suddenly finding in New Zealand that Scotch isn't such a bad drink after all.  I arrived back at The Cottage somewhere before midnight with a great feeling of satisfaction.

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    Canadian Chickadee: Hi, GB, my granddaughter Samantha just got home from spending the entire month of January on the South Island of New Zealand with about 25 of her university class. She absolutely loved her trip; they camped and hiked and swam with dolphins and saw kiwis up close. When she got to Seattle about 5 PM on Wednesday, she said she wasn't jet lagged as it was only 2 PM in New Zealand! But of course it was Thursday afternoon there. NZ sounds like a wonderful place. No wonder Canadian James Cameron wants to buy a ranch there.
    GB: I'm glad that your granddaughter loved NZ. The South Island is pretty amazing I have to say. The North Island has lots of interest too but the Sout Island is spectacular with its alpine sub-tropical forests and glaciers to name but a few things. on Laptop Problem Solved

    SP: Well played that man! SP,
    GB: Thanks SP

    Dawn Treader: Sometimes I'm not sure if it makes life simpler or not... My laptop and wifi are behaving well today, but I my radio-controlled wall clock is suddenly out of control. I thought a change of battery might help but now it only accepts tree times: 12, 4 or 8 o'clock. If I take the battery out and reinserts it, the clock fast-forwards 4 hours and then stops again. I need a clock-wizard!
    GB: That's a common problem. It depends how well the radio signal is picked up. A clock on one wall may pick up the signal better than a clock on another wall. I explained it on CJ's blog I think.