Monday, 6 February 2012


I keep saying that it's a very small world.  You know why?  Because it is.  

Last year I went to stay with a friend, Viv, at her house in France.  As coincidence would have it another friend, Sally, had phoned to say that she was travelling with her brother-in-law, George, to deliver parts urgently needed by her son's business partner for farm equipment not far from Viv and would like to visit.  And so a couple of interesting days including playing p├ętanque in Villeneuve was had by all.

As yet another coincidence would have it George and Clair have a daughter who came to live in New Zealand in 1983.  George and Clair come to visit every alternate year for a couple of months.  Their daughter lives about half an hour from me. 

So George and Clair came for lunch yesterday.  A wonderful afternoon.


  1. Reminds me vaguely of times in a hazy past when I used to actually go places and meet people... Recently I don't even seem to ever run into people I know in the same town!

  2. What DawnTreader said reminds me of an incident at my Dad's birthday party last week; at the restaurant, I bumped into a former class mate of mine who I have not seen in more than 20 years, despite of both of us living in the same, relatively small (less than 90.000 inhabitants) town and being of the same age, while there's other people I constantly seem to see when I am out and about without actually knowing them, but they sort of are part of the townscape.

  3. I think that one of the things about places like the Scottish Islands and Liverpool (where I was born) are that they are all great exporters of people because they have a seafaring history or, and this applies to Scotland in general as well, they are a people which has, for various reasons, emigrated all over the world.