Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Hours

I watched The Hours last night.  I watched it last year too.  What is really weird is that I could hardly remember a single bit of the plot and very little of the detail either.  I remembered the people/actors and some of the scenes as they unfolded and the wonderfully deep and moving score by Philip Glass.  It made me wonder whether I had been watching it whilst I had been blogging or something or whether I just found it too emotionally stressful at the time.  In fact it is an incredibly emotional film but last night I had no problem watching it.  I think I can say without fear of being wrong that I won't forget it a second time!

It almost goes without saying that Meryl Streep was superb.  However Nicole Kidman, who is not one of my favourite actresses (I always tend to think of her as a one-person Nicole Kidman publicity machine after Moulin Rouge) was also superb as Virginia Woolf.

I must read Mrs Dalloway.


  1. Can't help laughing... My first thought was: I remember that film. Then I clicked your link, and realized that it was a completely different film I was thinking of (in Swedish the titles are similar). What's worse - I know I've seen this one as well, on TV. But I can't remember a single thing about it! (I'm sure it was not as recently as last year I saw it though.) And I haven't read Mrs Dalloway.

  2. Is that the one with "The Nose"?

    If it is, it was spoilt completely for me by Nicole Kidman's nose which I just couldn't stop watching.

    It might have been a different film though, so if it was, please disregard this.

    Hmmm, either way, the film couldn't have made much of an impression on me if I can't recall anything about it.


    1. Apart from the fact that it was presumably on the front of her face I can't recall anything unusual about Nicole Kidman's nose. Mind you if I hadn't seen the credits I certainly wouldn't have known that it was NK anyway. Seems to have been eminently forgettable first time round for all of us.

  3. As I mentioned recently this is one of the 18 films I've ever really enjoyed. And Mrs Dalloway is well worth reading - as are all Virginia Woolf's books.

  4. It was your post which made me pick it up when I was at the video hire.