Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Home in New Zealand: The First Day Back

Standing on the deck of The Cottage when I arrived was like I'd never been away. 

Lewis might have been another world, another life.  Oh yes.  Lewis is another world, another life.  Physically and mentally this life is completely different from my Lewis life.  My life in New Zealand is, ironically, much more ordered and I'm tied to the routine of commitments which I don't have in Scotland.  For a start there is the routine of croquet which occupies at least four mornings and three afternoons a week assuming that I play on every occasion.  Then there's all the tournaments to be fitted in which usually involve travelling and staying away from Napier with 'The Girls'.

I used also to play pétanque on three afternoons but in those days I didn't play afternoon croquet to the same extent.  Now my pétanque has been abandoned.

A friend, Mike, had been staying at The Cottage for the weekend playing at a tournament at the croquet club so Sunday night was spent catching up over the odd glass of red or two.  

0514 Monday morning and I was wide awake.  Why?  The dawn chorus: definitely not a Lewis phenomenon.  Started emptying The Cupboard and getting The Cottage back to my normality.  Played croquet on a perfect afternoon.  It's a shame the croquet wasn't quite so perfect but then I haven't played for 6 months so I will give that excuse for my rustiness.

I tried to do this post but Blogger wasn't cooperating.  In fact it's not cooperated until this morning - Tuesday - when I not only was woken by the dawn chorus but decided to get up and get on.  After all it's croquet at 0930.


  1. No rest for the wicked huh!. Glad you have arrived safe and sound.

  2. Glad to see you've managed to get Blogger to cooperate with you again.

    Croquet sounds like a hard job! I'm just celebrating freedom from all commitments for a while... ;)

  3. I'm sure you will have your croquet skills re-honed in no time. Hope you have a great time catching up with all your friends.

  4. Ah, I wondered why you hadn't appeared in my blog list. I will add you in again! Croquet? is that a popular game in NZ?