Monday, 11 April 2011


No this is not about New Zealand's iconic beverage, Tui Beer, which is probably seen more frequently and exists in greater numbers than the native passerine from which it takes its name.  In fact I have no idea why anyone would want to name a cheap beer after a common but quite exotic and beautiful bird.  

I think I have probably said before in the four summers that I have lived in The Cottage I have hear the Tuis and the Bellbirds almost daily but have never seen a Tui at in the vicinity and only identified a Bellbird on one occasion high in some nearby trees.  

I have managed to photograph a Tui once before at The Beyond The Bridge Café at the Manawatu Gorge.

Well all that changed yesterday.  I was gardening in front of The Cottage.  Well not actually gardening more like clearing away the from between the shrubs grass which was actually taller than I am.  Suddenly I saw a Tui fly from the orchards to one of the huge trees in the paddock.  Now these trees are perhaps 50 metres away and some of the highest trees in the area and the Tui was on a branch not too far from the top.  But it was visible!  So I grabbed my camera and before he flew into the tress and out of sight I managed a few shots.  How pleased was I?

Although the pictures at the Manawatu Gorge were more detailed and closer they do not show the iridescent coat off as well as the following photos do.

I was more than a little chuffed with the day.


  1. Exciting! Look at the ring of white around the neck. Not sure that I've ever seen one of these.

  2. It is the best second best. Getting a shot of a wild creature one has been hunting.

  3. The weather was gloomy here and then I read Adrian's comment on your blog. Why does he make me laugh so much?! What is his first best feeling - hmmm I wonder.

    I am still smiling and the sun has come out too. x

  4. I'm so happy you got these shots because I was wondering what you felt was beautiful about this bird. Indeed, he is! Wonderful detail of him!

  5. Terrific shot of the tui. I've got a few shots of them but have never managed to capture its glossy bluey/black colours!