Thursday, 14 April 2011

Thankful Thursday

On Tuesday afternoon I was aware that one or more of the Australasian Harriers, or hawks as we tend to call them, in the area were on the prowl because some Pukekos who were bathing in the cattle trough in the paddock in front of The Cottage kept squawking their alarm calls.  Each time I went out with the camera but to no avail.  Then, as I stood on the deck, from behind and just a few feet above the roof of The Cottage flew a hawk about two metres away from me.  I'm not sure whether he or I got the bigger surprise.  I am never likely to be as close to a non-captive bird of prey again and, brief though it was, it was a magical experience.

This morning as I walked on the deck I again surprised the hawk in the paddock next door and again had a spectacular view of his majestic grace and size as he flew past me.

As I stood in the warm autumnal sun looking at the changing colours I became aware, in amongst all the birdsong that always regales me with its variety and abundance, of an unusual beautiful melody that I've only heard once or twice before.  So I spent a happy while just wandering amongst the tress in the sun looking and listening and, yes, being thankful.

So today I am thankful for the magic of such experience and for the fact that I have good eyes to see them and good ears to hear them.


  1. Lovely. Next time you are over this way (I guess it will be next summer, now) we could go to 'Wingspan' in Rotorua. Then you'll get closer! They even sometimes let you have one of the Falcons on your hand (well, special glove). That is a wonderful experience.