Thursday, 7 April 2011

Thankful Thursday

Frankly I sometimes find Facebook quite frustrating.  In fact I sometimes find life, the universe and everything quite frustrating.  Not because they are in themselves frustrating but because of my ability to cope in their framework.   What's brought this on?  Somewhere on or around the 24 March I happened to mention something to a Facebook friend, Fiona Vasey, about music (I knew that she had played the cello) and she told me something about her music life.  Can I find that exchange?  Can I diddly spit.  Why is it of any significance?  Well it made me make a note for a Thankful Thursday topic.  I could, of course, just ask Fiona what she said but wotthehellarchiewotthehell it's late at night as I write this.  

Anyway the crux of the matter was music.  I love music despite my lack of ability to play any instrument.  It's strange really because my Mum and her Mum were both competent piano players and Gaz has the wonderful natural ability required to be a musician too.  I realised very early on that I'd never be able to play competently enough to be satisfied with the results.  So I stopped learning.

However I am exceptionally thankful for music and my love of it.  I listen to music for a great deal of the time I am awake.  It has the ability to lift me, sooth me, make me happy and, yes, make me sad.  I cannot imagine a life without music.  So today my thankful thoughts are focused on the happiness that music brings to my life.


  1. I would definitely struggle to live without music. I too am extremely thankful to have it in my life.

    Regarding facebook - there are only a couple of places that exchange could be... on your wall (which it isn't because being your friend I can check that), on Fiona's wall (which I can't check, but you can) or as an actual message which would be in your facebook inbox (try the messages button in the top left of your browser, next to friend requests). Only if you or Fiona have deleted the conversation should it have disappeared entirely.

  2. Whatever the mood, there is music to accompany it or change it.

  3. Our lives would indeed be poorer without music. I never really got anywhere with learning to play an instrument either and I'm not terribly good at analyzing it, but music has still meant a lot.

  4. Thanks Helen. I have checked all those places but I have a feeling that Fiona may have sent me an email directly (which is not a Facebook problem). Whatever, I spent about 30 minutes on the chase but what is really irritating is that I can't actually remember what the starting point of the exchange was to make finding it easier.

  5. I get this completely.

    Music is amazing. I have had the joy of making it as well as enjoying it. I have even had the joy of helping others make it and enjoy it. It is such a fantastic joy. I'm also thankful it is a part of my life as well!! :-)

  6. "Can I diddly spit." As much as you enjoy some of the ways I use my words, dear Graham, I enjoy yours as well. You never cease to bring a smile to my face :)

  7. "I realised very early on that I'd never be able to play competently enough to be satisfied with the results. So I stopped learning." OH MY....we have this in common :)

    Although, I loved playing the flute when I was young - I didn't enjoy the follow through with a crowd, or learning in a group setting.

    But, I still love to listen to it ♫