Sunday, 24 April 2011

Spam - Not The Sort You Eat

Actually I don't eat Spam anyway.   A while ago CJ said that my emails were going to his spam box.  I just assumed that it was a reflection of the content of my emails and BTYahoo were dealing out summary judgement on their content.  I rarely mention Viagra (not that I know what it is) or sex (I've forgotten what that is) or any of the other things that I assume send things to spam boxes so why they are sent there I'm not sure.  Anyway I assumed it was a BTYahoo foible.  Recently however a friend said that my email had ended up in her spam box too and as she is in New Zealand BTYahoo couldn't get a look at it!  

So if you haven't received my email recently it may be in your spam box.  Of course it may also be that I haven't sent you one recently!


  1. I usually check my spam-box daily just to make sure that emails don't end up there which ought not to. I don't think I ever found any of yours in the spam. But it has happened with a few other people. If one wants to make sure, there are ways in Yahoo to make use of filters so that emails from a specified sender do go to the inbox (as well as blocking them).

  2. BT....AOL are hopeless Yahoo is good but every now and then....once a week or so you have to do word verification. A pain but it seems to work.