Monday, 18 April 2011

Saving Time

On State Highway 2 between Napier and Wairoa at a point half way between Lake Tutira and Putarino over the Matahorua Stream a bridge has recently been built to bypass the old road and bridge and a steep gorge with a very sharp u-bend.  This will undoubtedly speed up traffic and help the huge log-trucks which use the highway.  Those who drove the road regularly, however, will miss the fabulous displays in the spring when the trees are covered in blossom.

New road bridge with the rail bridge on the right
Trains really do go over that!
Rail bridge with the old road and gorge
Demolishing the old bridge or just making sure no-one will drive over it?


  1. Wow! You get some good bridges down your way, don't you? Love the railway bridge.

  2. The shot of the old gorge is beautiful. I can just imagine it on a new spring day covered in blooms. It also looks like it could be a somewhat dangerous road as well, mostly because of people in a hurry.

  3. Another post with excellent presentation... That photo looking down the gorge comes as quite a surprise. I didn't realize the width and depth of it from the first two pictures but the third one just took my breath away and it gives a wonderful perspective of the landscape.

  4. Great shot. I remember this spot. What trees are we going to miss?

  5. Thanks all. Katherine they are Kowhai trees with the fabulous yellow blossom.