Monday, 4 April 2011

Paradise Shelducks

In the paddock opposite where I've been staying over the weekend a couple of Paradise Shelducks stopped for a feed yesterday.  They were a bit far away and the male was singularly unhelpful in his stance so far as my photograph was concerned.  
Male Paradise Shelduck
Female Paradise Shelduck
Male Paradise Shelduck in flight
Female followed by male Paradise Shelduck in flight


  1. They're quite colorful, very nice.

  2. Unusual for the female to be more colorful, yes?
    Your in-flight shots are lovely and graceful.

  3. These may, or may not, be everywhere over there, but it occurs to me when I read this post that when I see an overly familiar bird or duck to me here, that it may still be a great post because not everyone someplace else knows about them!

    These ducks are beautiful!

  4. Thank you. Yes, Lisa, you have posted birds before (the Roadrunner springs to minds as one of them) that I'm never likely to see (unless, of course, I happen to be in the US and come across one) and therefore really appreciate it when they appear in a post. I know that I can see photos just by looking up 'foreign' birds on the Internet but it's just not the same as a personal introduction.