Sunday, 24 April 2011

Monopoly Deal: A Compuslive Game

When Mike and I were staying with Judy near Palmerston North for a croquet tournament Judy introduced us to a card game called Monopoly Deal.  To be honest I find Monopoly a little tedious because it goes on for so long and, if you are playing it with children, they tend to get impatient and fractious.  I played a lot of card games with my Mum and Dad and Grandmother when I was young but the only card game I have ever truly loved is Bridge. So to have a card game of Monopoly did not sound inviiting.  How wrong I was.  Monopoly Deal is quite a different kettle of fish.  It's fast and serious whilst being light-hearted and full of fun (if played in the correct spirit).  
So when we went to stay at Sandra's bach for the weekend a few weeks ago I took along Monopoly Deal.  Just as well because the poor weather curtailed our walks a bit.  Jayne wasn't too enthusiastic because she doesn't like cards.  Like me, though, she was soon converted!

I decided that a few friends were going to get it as presents but couldn't find it in the UK over the internet.  So I bought up the New Zealand supply!  Now it's available on Amazon UK!  Bum.  I could have avoided all those games in my case.  But they will still be getting it and in the $ version anyway!


  1. The version of Monopoly on the iPad is different to the board game, and more fun, but this looks intriguing!

  2. I got it in The Warehouse for $10 (Whitcoulls wanted $29 originally!).

  3. I am not a fan of Monopoly. Waay too long for me, and Hubby does the houses & hotels which, to my mind, drags it on forever. Luckily he has his grandkids to play with occasionally. :)
    This sounds intriguing, and Hubby's eyes lit up when I told him about it.
    I'll check it out on Amazon.

  4. We used to play board games and cards in my family but later in life I've not been much among people who do. Must be 20 years or more since I played Monopoly (which I too often found tedious). Never heard of Monopoly Deal until now.

  5. Hmm I'll have to look into it, hadn't heard of it. Last time I played Monopoly, I vowed not to play it again, and I haven't. My husband was a serious, set on winning player, and the oldest grew to be the same way. So...
    Here in Indiana, we grow up learning to play Euchre, a card game. I still like it.