Thursday, 7 April 2011

Life is Mostly Froth and Bubble

I stayed with a friend a while back.  She does not watch television.  However she and the family do watch films (or movies or DVDs or whatever one wants to call them).  I’ve spoken before about my relationship with films.  I like feel-good-factor movies and abhor violence and things that challenge me too much.  Life is challenging enough without subjecting oneself to it voluntarily.  I recently went with her to see  the excellent film "The Kings Speech" and thereafter we discussed the amount of symbolism in it.  I learned a lot from her because I'd never really thought about it before.  I'd been a very shallow watcher of films.

Last night I watched a very light film, A Good Year, chosen at the rental store because it was shot in Provence in France.  As is my wont I only half watched it whilst I was doing other things.  However I was quite taken by it and, unusually, not feeling particularly well this evening, I decided to settle down on the couch and watch it again.  There was quite a lot of (fairly inconsequential) symbolism and there were some really amusing moments and a few quotes of note which, of course, are more meaningful in context:

Fanny Chenal: I'm sorry, I'm too busy to ignore you now.

Max Skinner: This place does not suit my life
Fanny Chenal: No Max, it's your life that does not suit this place.

and on a lighter note:  "I love your accent."  Reply  "I love your bum."

Of course it had a happy ending.  


  1. I love that first quotation....I'll remember that....I hope.

  2. I truly agree with life being challenging enough without submitting ourselves voluntarily to violent/creepy television/movies.

    And...I like the quotes, especially the first one :)

  3. Hey, sorry you're not feeling 100% Geeb. A light film is always useful as a distraction. I'm catching up on your older posts (as a distraction when I should be doing my tax return), so I hope you're feeling better today.