Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hebridean Fiona, Don't Look at This Post

I noticed this morning that there was a spider dangling from a thread outside the window:  a spider that I'm not used to seeing.  I have plenty of spiders around here, mainly Wolf Spiders,  but don't often see Nurseryweb Spiders which, I'm fairly certain, is what these are.

Hanging by a thread and missing two of his legs this 2 cm body-length chap (I think it's a male) seems interested in another one nearby.
This one had a much smaller body and, being much lighter, I assume that it's an immature one.
I'd love to know what they were up to.


  1. Not cute, I agree, but spiders are fascinating.

  2. Whatever they are doing I hope they carry on doing it outside the house!