Friday, 22 April 2011


The 'goodbyes' have been said.  The hugs have been hugged (the boys are old enough now to have got past the 'I don't hug' stage).  Now I shall wind down and sort everything and get it stored in The Cupboard ready for the winter when The Cottage will have someone else to look after whilst I'm away.  No, I didn't miss out a word in the last sentence.  I think that The Cottage really does look after its occupants.  It's a friendly place.

So why the 'goodbyes' already?  The Family have gone off to their time-share in Taupo for the week.  They were all down here for dinner last evening and that's the last one for another six months.


  1. At least for bloggers you are always here in spirit, whatever country. Harder for the people you are with in person. At least they don't take you for granted when you are not there all the time :)

    I know there are people looking forward to your return to your other home too. The harbinger of spring and summer!

  2. I agree with Fi. If I were part of your family, I'd be in tears.

  3. I'm not sure which leaving would be harder, with them there, or not there.

  4. Hope you're looking forward to the Hello hugs!

  5. Fi: That's true blog friends are just 'there' and that's comforting.

    Norma: It's only 6 months! I'm the one who wears my emotions on my sleeve, though!

    Lisa: I try not to think about it!

    Sue: Yes. But you'll have gone to your country residence!