Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Daylight Saving Ends

It's been an odd day today weatherwise (I have a friend who used to berate me for this terrible 'Americanism' as far back as the 1960s).  I texted Jayne at 0920 to check to make sure that the weather was as bad down on the plains (where the croquet club is) as it was up in the hills where I live.  She said that there was no rain and she could see plenty of blue sky.  How odd.  We are only about 7 kilometers apart. So I played croquet with my sunglasses on.  Driving home from croquet, however, as soon as I left the coastal plains I was getting close to a really heavy thunderstorm.  

Looking towards Cape Kidnappers from Poraiti above Napier
Panorama with Cape Kidnappers in the far distance and the thunderclouds approaching from the centre of the Island.
I've been here at this time of year for the last five years but I cannot recall the end of daylight saving time being quite so noticeable.  When I collected Fraser from the gym last night at 7pm it was pitch black.  At 4.30 this afternoon the sky was dark and I shut the ranch sliders to keep out the chill and put the lights on.  Eh?  

Wendy and I were talking last night about the fact that I had only 21 sleeps to my return to Scotland.  It seems almost like tomorrow.  But as Wendy said it's actually one eighth of my time still to go.  Given the number of croquet matches I still have to play I'm going to need that time.  But I hope that we have some more sun before I go.


  1. You be careful. We have a special relationship with our American colony. Weatherwise.........awful even spill chucker highlights that.
    You redeem yourself by posting yet again another two wonderful images.....but...don't just accept what the camera does. What is good could be brilliant. A bit of a contrast boost selectively applied and a quick sharpen is all you need to do. Sharpen when you have compressed otherwise you will like me have halos round all the edges. Gaz knows how to do it. Glad to see you are into cryptic crosswords. Improves ones wordsmithing no end. Where did Wordsmithing come from?
    I too love the lack of word verification.

  2. Thanks Adrian. I really really really (that's the most imperative of my intentions) must get around to learning to use Photoshop properly (er, 'use Photoshop.' would probably be a more accurate phrase there).
    You are entirely to blame, er, sorry, be thanked for my crossword efforts.

  3. Graham, we all like to think life is easy. Kodachrome....tolerant? Yes. Good? No. Earth polluting? Yes. For me Velvia 120 was my choice and always processed for high contrast. Now, I have control. For better or for worse.
    Adobe is difficult but can make an image. I defy any artist or anyone with artistic intention to gainsay me. I just practise the practice of perfection. If I've got the practics'e'es in the right order it will be a first!
    Look at it this way. Would you go out with an unpressed pair of trousers or an unironed shirt. I suspect not. So polish pictures it doubles the pleasure. Not necessarily for the viewer. Have fun, it's all there is left for free.

  4. I had forgotten about that, now I remember it from last year. We turned our clocks forward last weekend and now one week later you turned yours back. So suddenly we're only 10 hours apart instead of 12. You might even still be awake when I write this...

  5. Oh, the clouds look like they're right in your path!
    Are you looking forward going...I was going to say home, but both places are home. The days are going by way too fast!

  6. My brain starts to freeze when time differences are discussed! I tried to get the World Clocks gadget, but had no success. See, I told you!
    Your images are gorgeous!

  7. Changeable weather all over the place, I think. Perhaps it is confused by Daylight Saving. At least you got beautiful photos!