Thursday, 14 April 2011

Croquet's Not All Fun

Some of it is quite hard work!  On Monday we started to de-thatched one of the lawns.  The problem is that the grass builds up into a thatch on top of the soil and we now have over a centimetre of thatch which causes all sorts of problems. 

Usually only flat-soled sports shoes are allowed on the lawns and here we have a 2 tonne vehicle and trailer!
The machine cutting grooves into the lawn and tearing out thatch
How many people does it take to look at a technical hitch?  Actually when the de-thatcher wasn't working no one else had a job.
It makes you wonder if they will ever be played on again!  The result with about 8% of the thatch torn out

The result!  All this has been tamped down hard to get it into the trailer.  Now all this will have to be replaced with soil.


  1. I had the funniest moment a few days back while reading your blog.
    I misread croquet for crochet............and putting that into context of this post...............crochet really is hard work!!! On first reading I was secretly jealous that you might have become a closet crochet expert...I've been trying my hand at it over the past year on and off.

    Just a silly, laugh out loud moment, could help but share it with you.

  2. Well I never!...........more exciting than watching a game. Not as good as erecting hoops......If you haven't got a shed then get a croquet lawn or two. A really good post, thanks.

  3. So I guess the croquet-season is over then? I sense a sort of autumnal feeling in your last few posts... getting prepared to migrate again...

  4. Jaz: My turn to laugh. I'm sitting here trying to imagine myself crocheting. I did knit a very long school scarf once upon a childhood time though.

    Adrian: We do have a shed. A Very Good Shed. I'll take a photo for you one day!

    Monica: The croquet season has another 9 days to run for me. The croquet players in our club play all year round.

  5. I thought maybe the de-thatched lawn could do with a bit of a rest to recover, even if you don't ;)

  6. Croquet seems like nothing but work to me. My eye-hand coordination is nonexistent when it comes to hitting a ball in any sport! I enjoy being a spectator though. :)