Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Almost The Perfect Day

One thing that no cancer survivor takes for granted is waking up in the morning.  So when I woke this morning I knew that today had the potential for being a Good Day.  This feeling was strengthened by the warm sun streaming in from a flawless blue sky.  Winter, which seemed to have arrived a few days ago, had gone on a temporary holiday.  In fact TV's One News said that Napier reached 23℃ today.

I was due to play an Association Croquet (AC) match at 11am so decided on the way to go into town and have a coffee and do a crossword on the basis that it might be the last opportunity before I leave for the UK on Easter Monday.  I chose a cafĂ© in Emerson Street (of course) with seats in the sun, whose coffee I like and near to where I could buy the Dominion Post.  Wonderful.

Then came the match.  The weather offered the perfect conditions: no wind, not too hot and not too cold with full sun so that I was just wearing shorts and a polo-shirt.  I played well enough and won comfortably and secured that particular championship to add to the Club's AC handicap singles championship title.  Yesterday I lost the Golf Croquet title which I've held for the last three years having been beaten in this season's final by Sandra (the croquet friend to whose bach we went a few weeks ago).  She deserved to win because she is playing much better golf croquet than I am at the moment.

I apologise if the last paragraph seems a little (or a lot) immodest but this blog serves a number of purposes and one is reminding me what I've won and lost in my favourite pastime.  I keep thinking this year that I've had a Bad Time at croquet but, in fact, I've not done too badly at all.  In a year's time I'll not be able to remember how I've done at all but I'll be able to look back......

Last night Wendy and Martin came down for a wee ceilidh in true Lewis fashion and I opened a rather special bottle of red wine that my God-daughter, Lou, and her partner had given me for Christmas 2009!  Yes.  I'd kept it all this time.  I'm am drinking some as I write and shall be finishing the bottle tonight.  Thank you both - it's truly superb.

The day's not yet over.  If the hours before bedtime are as good as the last 13 then I'll have had a Really Good Day.  I hope that you have too!


  1. I'm glad you had an Almost Perfect Day this last week of your NZ season!

  2. I always enjoy reading about your stops for coffee and a crossword. It sounds so pleasant and comforting in some way.