Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I'm Home

In fact I arrived home yesterday mid afternoon and, because we were (are still) due some very wet weather for the rest of the week as a result of the tail ends of two tropical cyclones, I decided to get two loads of washing done and dried before the evening.  That having been done (ablative absolute) I went to the supermarket.  Dinner and then I went to The House and there I remained until I came home to bed.  This morning I played (well that's perhaps going a bit too far - I attempted to play) croquet despite the showers.  This afternoon I decided to make a concerted effort to read and write emails and blogs.   I received several phone calls too - wonderful.   All that's quite surprising given that the sun is shining and the wind (now getting up to gale force) is so hot that the temperature in the shade is 30℃ (86℉).  I should be down on the lawns practicing for my Silver Badges match at the end of the week.

The journey home was sunny once I'd got through the Manawatu Gorge (about which I have previously blogged) but even with no sun the temperature was in the high 20s so I had the roof off.  Looking back at the photos I posted in December 2008 none of them really show the precariousness of the road which carries massive lorries on the main East-West route through the central spine mountains of the Country.

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  1. Wow, that's more like a bridge than a road really, isn't it.
    Seems to me you're continuing as ever to make efficient use of your time... In that hot weather I'm sure I'd be exhausted.